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The power of women can fulfill any artistic project. We stand together to make this dream true. The story of this project started 8 months ago when I decided to support a local production in a small village (Hirkan) in the north of Iran. Women of this village make beautiful hand-woven fabrics to helping the local economy. An inspiring woman in Tehran found these products and brought them to the capital in order to show them to other people. When I saw these fabrics for the first time, I was so impressed and asked them to make some for me. Due to the traditional ways of making these fabrics, they have some limits on colors. Therefore, I decided to stay original and design my collection based on these fabrics without any changes. The process of making the fabrics and transferring them to Berlin took more than 4 months. In the next step, I started to sewing the clothes. Of course, this was not possible without help of another women. Finally, two other strong women joined me to make the photos. Without the help of these women, it was impossible to finish the story behind
Photographer: Skye Sobejko
Model: Cassandra Momah
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