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As a multicultural brand, Sepideh Ahadi is bridging the gap between her pure middle eastern background and European life experience.


In her work, Sepideh embraces the simplicity of the traditional techniques used in Iran, her home place with the elegance found in Italy where she finished her M.A in fashion design and the practical aesthetic of German lifestyle, where she lives and work now.


The brand is dedicated to slow fashion and sustainable practices, in that the designer creates her collections through a considered and experimental process. The collections mostly reflect social issues in the modern lifestyle where the designer challenges herself to find an artistic way to contribute to making a difference. As a designer, Sepideh feels the responsibility to invite her audience to think about fashion in a different and more interactive way through her designs. For the designer creativity is not just in the final designs but in the entire process and how she finds alternative ways to present her ideas.


- Being part of the project of "Portraits. 3 generations of Iranian artists and cultural workers in Berlin", Curated by Yvonne Zindel in Rotes Rathaus. 

- Open her first shop in Berlin, kreuzkölln. 

- Take part in the Milan Fashion Week as part of the sustainable group show with 5way concept store.


- Take part in NEONYT Editorial Fashion Show 2019, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Styling by Claudia Hofmann.


- Selected as one of the ten finalists of the Fashion Council Germany program called " GERMAN SUSTAIN CONCEPT". 

- Collaboration with "Anahita Arts of Asia" art gallery and Performance Artist " Zoe Crook" for the presentation of the Autumn-Winter collection, "Castle of Shirin.

- Organizer and participant in the first "Fashion Revolution" event in Iran-Tehran in collaboration of "Comode" team.


- Head of the costume design of the short film "Manchador" Directed by Kaveh Tehrani.


- Exhibition in "Fashion Clash Festival" 9th Edition with the theme of "Does fashion Make sense?"


- Giving talks in "Fashion Clash Festival" about "Fashion & Senses" during the 9th edition of the festival.

-Became team member of "Fashion Revolution " in Iran

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