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In this collection I tried to combine some concepts together. I created this collection based on the Illustrations of the Iranian artist Keyhan Mahjoor. Name of the collection Laleh-zar (Tulip Garden) is inspired by a famus street in Tehran which is the symbol of Modernism and presence of Iranian women in the public places which were before mostly used by men, such as café shops and restaurants. 

For the photoshoot of the collection I asked several Iranian women from different generations to be part of this project. Each of these women left Iran in a different time and moved to Germany. 

During Berlin Fashion Week I presented the collection in Anahita Sadighi Gallery in Kant Garage. During the presentation beside the installation of my clothes in the gallery  I had a photo exhibition,  live performance of Assal Koohnavar and video installation.

For the live performance Narges Zolfaghari, my mother wrote a poem about the life of Iranian women during the past few years. Hair, White tulip and wind playing the roles as symbols of femmininity and freedom. Assal  Koohanavard used those symbols during her performance. Another Iranian Artist Hesam Ayat made a piece of music with my mothers voice for this performance. 

Neda Rajabi

Farideh Bassenge
Jasmin Tabatabai
Pegah Ferydoni
Anahita Sadighi
Vivian Assal Koohnavard

Hair & makeup
 Mina Ghoraishi
Iran Khanom was staring at the pavement of 
Laleh- Zar street from behind the window and
As far as the eye could see
The street was full of some streaks
Which reminded her the white tulips,
She crossed her eyelids

In the unfair battle between
Seductive hair of the tulip with the wind
She only remembered the breeze that 
Invited her red cheeks
To the kissing feast.
She said to herself, how beautiful it is
To kiss the breeze when it runs 
Through your tangled hair.

It is a story to be heard 
When the wind passes through 
Thousand strands of your hair 
And sings the Thousand and One Nights.
Who knows, maybe the creation of the wind,
Was because of your tangled hair
You have been drunk and your hair is a cabaret
That creates a breeze kiss from the noise of the wind.
I'm confused of the wandering of the wind, 
If I were in his place, I would have caught 
Somewhere between your hair.

Iran Khanom opened her eyes slowly and
Said to herself:
Maybe this conflict for the wind
Is the beginning of a poem which one day,
White tulip's hair becomes 
A magic in the alleys of this city.

Narges Zolfaghari
ایران خانوم از پشت پنجره به
سنگفرش خیابان لاله زار خیره شده بود و
تا چشم کار میکرد خیابان پر بود از رگه هایی
همچون لاله های سفید،
او پلک هایش را روی هم گذاشت۰۰۰

در جنگ نابرابر گیسوان اغواگر لاله با باد
تنها نسیمی را به خاطر آورد که گونه های سرخ
او را به مهمانی بوسه دعوت میکرد۰
با خود گفت، بوسیدن نسیم چه زیباست وقتی که از 
لابه لای گیسوان آشفته ی تو‌میگذرد۰

قصه ای شنیدنیست وقتی باد از هزار تار موی تو
میگذرد و هزار و یک شب را میسراید۰
چه کسی میداند، شاید
آفرینش باد هم
بخاطر گیسوان درهم تو‌بوده
تو‌مست بوده ای و‌ گیسوانت میخانه ای
که از غوغای باد بوسه ی نسیم را می آفریند۰
در حیرتم از سرگردانی باد،
من اگر بودم جایی میان موهای تو‌گیر می افتادم

ایران خانوم چشمانش را به آرامی باز کرد
و با خود گفت:
شاید این کشمکش برای باد،
تا گیسوان لاله ی سفید 
جادوئی شود در کوچه باغ های این شهر۰۰۰

نرگس ذوالفقاری
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