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"My name is Taj" is the story of my grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s for over 10 years before she passed away. My childhood memories are full of her dual feelings about life and how she experienced the world differently. For example, she would react to similar situations in different ways each time. She would not contradict past reactions, but simply just react differently. I used to watch her for hours and hours and I could understand that she was experiencing the world differently from everyone around her. Her life was simple yet flowing for her and so complicated for us - the outsiders.

This short introduction is the story behind my new collection. I tried to show her complex life with different layers, so I used simple cuts and a minimalist design approach to reflect the simplicity of her world. Also, the repeated and repetitious details, like the collars, are a reference to her dual feelings. In this way, I hope to have created a collection that explores these unique feelings and gains us a kind of insight into a world very different from ours.

Photos: Joana Krawczyk
Model: Anna KönigHair and Makeup: Eavan Derbyshire
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