Our objective is to offer affordable and high quality sustainable fashion to more conscious people. Our focus is to create Unique, Time-Less and High-Quality products which are intentionally produced in small quantities to support the idea of Slow-Fashion. We believe that each person is unique in this planet and with selecting a unique design we embrace our uniqueness and individuality. 


As a sustainable brand our aim is to be as social and environmentally responsible as possible, this is the reason why we decided to produce our products in Europe were we can have more transparency in our supply chain and we can be sure that our products dose not harm any person or our environment. Every Ready-to-wear pieces manufactured exclusively in Poland in a small atelier in Toruń or in Berlin with different seamstresses.

Our products are produced in small quantities to avoid any waste.


All the fabrics are from Europe, we are committed to resource our fabrics in two different ways, our first option is always finding organic fabrics or natural fabrics, if we can not find our desirable fabrics then we choose from dead-stocks of the big production companies. We travel two times a year to Prato, to meet our fabric production partners and choose the fabrics for the next season directly from the factory.

We choose carefully our fabrics and we guarantee the quality of the fabrics.

Our most used fabrics are:

Organic Cotton

Recycle Wool



The materials which we do not use are: